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Can I buy online?

Unfortunately you cannot buy through our site. If you wish to place an order please see our How To Order page.

Can you engrave pens?

Yes, we do offer an engraving service. The charge is £12 andwe can engrave a maximum of 15 characters including spaces. Not all pens can be engraved please see our list of engravable pens for items that are suitable for engraving.
Montblanc pens can also be engraved but they need to be sent to the manufacturer. Engraving of Montblanc pens costs £25.

Do you ship abroad?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship abroad.

Do your pens come in a gift box?

Yes, all our pens come in presentation boxes.

How do I fill my fountain pen with a piston converter?

To fill your fountain pen with a piston ink pump. Fit the converter into the pen. Twist the end of the converter anti-clockwise until the piston is down. Immerse the nib in the ink bottle, ensuring that the nib is fully covered. Turn the piston clockwise drawing the ink up. Once full come out of the ink let out a couple of drops of ink and wipe the excess ink off the nib with a tissue.

How do I look after my fountain pen?

We recommend that you clean your pen approximately every 2 to 3 months by running it through with cold water. This is particularly important if you use coloured inks other than black or blue as the pigments in these inks could cause a blockage of the pen. If you have a converter you can use this to draw up water through the pen. If you are not going to use your pen for an extended period of time, remove the ink and clean out your pen to prevent the ink drying out inside the pen.

How long can I keep my bottled ink?

We recommend that that once opened the bottle of ink should not be kept longer than 3 years as over time the pigments in the ink may sediment and cause a blockage of your fountain pen.

How long will my refill last?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on many factors including the type of refill and amount of pressure you put on the pen. Generally speaking ball pens are more long lasting compared to rollerballs or fibre tips.

My child needs a fountain pen for school, what would you recommend?

For a first fountain pen we recommend the Lamy Safari. The moulded grip section helps the child hold the pen at the correct angle. The nib is very robust and if it does get damaged it is easy and inexpensive to replace.

My pen isn’t working what can I do?

If your pen is full of ink but the ink flow of your fountain pen is erratic then try cleaning out your pen in cold water. If this does not work the pen may need a service or the nib may need to be adjusted or replaced. Please see our repairs and service page.

What can I do if my nib is the wrong size?

We offer a 28 day nib exchange if you feel that the nib you ordered is not the right size (providing that the nib is not damaged). If you have to buy a new nib for your pen please be advised that a new nib normally costs approximately half the price of the pen, but please contact us for more details.

What ink can I use in my fountain pen?

Each brand produces their own ink and they recommend the use of their own ink in their pens. However, if you cannot find the colour you want then any good quality ink will be fine. Please be advised that if you do not use the company’s own brand ink the warranty could be voided.

What is the advantage of a gold nib?

A gold nib is more flexible than a steel nib which gives a different writing experience as less pressure is required. Visconti now have a 23 carat palladium ‘Dreamtouch’ nib which is said to be superior to gold.

What is the difference between a ball pen and a rollerball?

A ball pen or biro uses an oil-based ink whereas a rollerball uses a more fluid ink that gives the impression of writing with a fountain pen. The advantage of a ball pen is that the refill is longer lasting. Rollerball pens normally have a cap to prevent the refill from drying out though there are some capless rollerballs such as the Lamy Swift and Cross Edge. Some rollerballs can be converted into a ball pen, such as those in the Cross range.

What is your returns policy?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it within 15 days unused and in its original packaging. We do not give refunds but we will exchange it for a different product or give a credit note to use at a later date.

What nib size do I want on my fountain pen?

For most people a medium nib is most suitable. If you have very small writing you may wish to try a fine or extra fine nib, though the finer the nib the scratchier the pen. If you have large writing or are using your pen for signatures then you might want a broader nib. If you want a pen for calligraphy that gives both a thick and a thin line and more definition in your writing then you need an italic nib.